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Decoding Leadership Bullshit

Decoding Leadership Bullshit is a cut-the-crap manual disguised as a parody that provides unusual insights into what really makes leaders flourish in corporate eco-systems.

If you’re part of a larger corporation, this immensely readable parody will make you chuckle and even laugh out loud. But beneath the dazzle and the humor, there is a lot of substance that might actually be quite useful on your journey to the corner office!

“Bluntly tells you what it takes to get ahead.”
W.K.D., Senior Consumer Goods Executive

“Hal must have worked with my company, I endorse every single point.”
M.W., Director Buying

“An amusing but realistic account from the corporate trenches.”
H.K., Group Leader Supply Chain

128 pages
ISBN: 978-3-200-03283-5
Price: EUR 9,90

ISBN: 978-3-200-03405-1
Price: EUR 7,69

Who the hell is Hal o’Ween?

Hal o'Ween is a seasoned international executive who has more than 20 years' experience in several industries. He has held senior leadership positions with blue-chip companies and business consultancies all over the globe—and is still hungry for more.

Consequently, to protect his business interests, the author chose to publish his insights into what really makes you flourish in the corporate ecosystem under the alias "Hal o'Ween."